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Glass-ceramic materials

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Fundamentals and applications





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Recently, in the frame of the International Summer Courses that now are being common in summer season at the Spanish universities, the La Lagune University, Tenerife, Canary Islands has celebrated a five days course focused on: "Synthesis and industrial applications of glass-ceramics". Thirthy hours lectures were given by ten well-known professors and researchers that are usually investigating the nucleation and crystallization of glasses, as well as the characterization of final glass-ceramics. This Summer Course was organized in four thematic groups: -Raw Materilas: Nature, composition and their influence in the vitrification-controlled crystallization of phases. -Glass-Ceramic Process: Phase equilibria, nucleating agents, nucleation process. -Properties: Chemical, physical and technological, as well as microstructure characterization. -Industrial applications, viz -Conventional glass-ceramics from pure raw materials. Domestic uses. -Petrurgical glass-ceramics, mainly from basalts. -Advanced glass-ceramics for: bioimplants, electronics, composite glass-ceramics... In order to give more homogeneity for readers, this monograph has been organized in four different chapters: 

1) Fundamentals

2) Processing and microstructure characterization

3) Applications and special uses

4) New and advanced glass-ceramics

5) Appendix: including a short paper in local raw material uses for glass-ceramics

This monograph is directed not only to undergraduate (high courses) and graduate students, but also to the researchers, professors and industrials interested in Science and Technology of Materials.

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