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Organometallic Chirality

C A T A L O G O / Accad. Sc. Lett. Arti - Modena / Organometallic Chirality /


G. Pàlyi - L. Caglioti - C. Zucchi



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Formato cm

17.0 x 24.0

€ 42,00 € 35,70


The Authors and also the subjects have been selected carefully. The book contains a very representative collection of the most actual themes in chiral organometallic chemistry, ranging from theoretical chapters, to fundamental results in asymmetric catalysis (even, also autocatalysis), to industrially important new chiral catalytic reactions, to the environmentally important problem of using water as industrial solvent, chapters of fundamental biochemical significance as well as results achieved in lanthanide chemistry. Last, but not least, the Editors compiled an essay-style Chapter on open questions, which they believe to be the most challenging ones.

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