Titolo : Application of the microwave technology to synthesis and materials processing
ISBN : 9788870003468
Pagine : 224
Uscita : 2000
Formato: 17 x 24
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9788870003468 Acierno, Leonelli, Pellacani D. Acierno| C. Leonelli| G.C. Pellacani

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The aim of this book is to arm with sufficient knowledge to find inspiration for their future research the readers who firstly approach this field, as well as to provide those who are experienced in the field with information concerning the latest scientific and technological developments reached by Italian research groups, and expand their knowledge into other and wider microwave processing areas.Work reported in this book is divided in 6 parts, including:
dielectric properties measurements and analysis
microwave system design
microwave assisted chemical synthesis
remediation of hazardous waste
microwave processing of materials
scale up and commercialisation
The papers included in this volume were reviewed and carefully selected. They show significant advances in understanding and controlling of microwave energy and its use in the processing and testing of materials. Developments in remediation of hazardous waste, microwave processing of materials, microwave assisted chemical synthesis were particularly notable.