Autore/Autrice : AA.VV.
Titolo : Parents and children in a narrowing world
Sottotitolo : Issues on adoption
ISBN : 9788870006193
Pagine : 162
Uscita : 2014
Formato: 14.5 x 21
15,00  14,25 

9788870006193 AA.VV. Isabella Ferrari| Maria Donata Panforti Prospettive di diritto comparato

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Over the last century, adoption has undergone a great process of change in most of the legal systems of the world. Not only its implications appear more and more complex and connected with ethical and cultural matters, but the differences between national and international adoption have widened to such an extent that it is doubtful whether we are still dealing with only one institution.
This volume collects several papers dealing with issues related to the national and intercountry adoption of minors. Its aim is to help clarifying some trends and perspectives using a comparative approach.


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