Titolo : Terra come spazio politico. L’Antropocene alla luce dell’ontologia geografica di Augustin Berque
Pagine : 14
Doi : 10.53148/DI202438007

This essay proposal is to think of the Anthropocene as an existential change: that is, as the moment in which the whole Earth exists, for us, as a political space. To do this, I place myself at the crossroads between geography and philosophy, firstly criticizing a certain “negative” idea of geography, which brings with it a certain idea of the political. Secondly, I briefly introduce what I consider to be some fundamental lines of the thought of the French geographer Augustin Berque. Against this background, and by crossing his reasoning with some of Merleau-Ponty’s now classic reflections on the relationship between Culture and Nature, I finally come to criticize the idea of Nature as the other space par excellence, the outside of the human animal.

Keywords: Onto-geography, Anthropocene, Nature, Politics, Berque.